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  • Ages 8-12

  • Sci-Fi Comedy

  • Development Deck

  • Seeking Co-Development/Production Partners, Broadcasters/Distributors

Warp Zone

2D Animation

A boy is transported to a game world dimension to save it from the bad guys! Now with Heroes, Villains, and Collectibles!

Warp Zone is a far out comedy adventure set in the world of a video game - a game in search of a Player. This is an 11-minute wacky comedy adventure with a series arc to defeat the big bad guy.

Our heroes go on a multitude of missions to save the Warp Zone, to collect characters and power ups, and face challenges of ridiculous proportions, all whilst embracing the hero's journey.

The fun and frustrations of the life of a gamer will be retold through stories relatable to kids, tweens and man children alike!