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  • 11 min. pilot completed
  • Ages 6 - 10
  • Adventure Comedy

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2D ToonBoom Animation

A not so classic tale of a boy and his friends who get sent on impossible quests by a genie in a lamp who just wants to be left alone...

Archie’s life takes a turn for the unexpected when his father mysteriously disappears and leaves him all of his worldly belongings including a rundown mansion, a donkey, and a dirty old lamp.


As with all good tales from long ago, things are never straightforward. Jack the donkey is not your every day farmyard pet, the ‘super, awesome, incredible mansion of magnificent wonders’ houses a secret lodger, and the lamp is home to a Genie called Fred!


Archie and his new best friends, Jack the donkey and Sadie the lodger, rampage through a multitude of adventures and magical quests that they are encouraged to go on by Fred the Genie who just wants to be left alone to play video games in the basement.

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